#56 Mike Paramore

Happy May all! Comedian Mike Paramore sits down with Brian and myself to talk about what its like to go on the road with brian, his recent cruise ship sets, and his thoughts on the browns draft and potential prospects! Jam Packed episode with comedy, sports the whole shabang,enjoy children.


#55 Brian Kenny

Brian and Forrest knock out a banging podcast! Brian talks about his recent weekend with Comedian Brad Williams at the improv!  They talk about cleveland sport, brians new diet, and Forrest becoming a father!  Enjoy the show!


#54 Jaron Schulz

My boy Jaron came by recently to talk about jiu jitsu, his health practices relating to diet, lifestyle and mindfulness tips amongst much more.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!


#53 Brian Kenny

Brian stops by to talk about new health regimens, his finely tuned lateral muscles and how the gains are coming, we also bullshit about the usual hot topic bullshit going on in the world! Big days coming up for BK in the comedy game so check it out!


#52 Chris Novick

Yoooo Thanks listening, My buddy Chris Novick drops in to share about is very fascinating career, we also chat about hypothetical home robberies, and new trends in technology! enjoy the show!


#51 Keith Ten Eyck

By far the most interesting dude to ever come on my podcast.  Keith Ten Eyck comes by to talk about his recent enlistment in the military, what it was like to run with the circus, his point of few on global economics and our current political system, movies he's made and been apart of, and so many more interesting things to share.  He will definately be coming back the conversation had just begun.  I think this is one that you will most certainly enjoy! Thanks for the listen and tell a friend!





#50 Charlie Lowe

Charlie Lowe stops by once again for another episode on donuts and ice cream.  He talks how his current jiu jitsu game is coming along, also his experences with Ruck Challengers and a whole bunch of other nonsense. Enjoy the show and special thanks to Hurricane JJ and OHIO accounting Services!


#49 John Lawrence

John Lawrence returns to the studio to talk everything jiu jitsu, working out, hypothetical situations in the street, my weird insecurities, and a little bit of politics, so enjoy the show and tell a friend.  Check out hurricanejj.com for everything hurricane jiu jitsu and get your taxes done at ohaccounting.com


#48 Brian Kenny

Brian and Forrest Discuss brians recent comedy specials at hilairites and one that forrest even attending.  The guys talk about upcoming events for Brian, and basically everything else going on in the world. So do yourself a favor and check check it out!


#47 Brian Kenny

Brian stops by for a nice post holiday edition podcast! We talk about the dope gifts we got and how we spent our holidays this year.  We also cover the most recent UFC fight card and touch on the future of the Cleveland Browns.  Brian gears up to spend his weekend at Hilarties featuring for Joey "COCO" Diaz.  He also mentions his odd obession with Ranch Dressing. Hope you enjoy the show! Thanks to Hurricane Jiu Jitsu and Ohio Accounting Services. subscribe and write a review on itunes and make sure you tell a friend!





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